Zach is a great trainer always brings a positive upbeat energy and is really good at motivating to not stop when you’re tired and push through it.

AJ Moreno

First of all the facility is great! Second the trainers are friendly and totally awesome. I personally train with Caleb. He really challenges me to push myself and to give it all I’ve got. I’m really grateful to TruFit as they have helped me feel that I absolutely have what it takes to get healthy. Thanks guys!!!

Claire Elise

All the trainers here are top notch! They actually care about you and your goals, and will work to get you where you want to be. I train with Zach and not only does he push me and encourage me but he also always puts me in a great mood no matter how tired I am, and you gotta love that type of energy!

Tyler Post

Great facility, trainers and atmosphere! Luke is helping me reach my goals and always pushes me along the way!

Natalie Salan

Not only is this place run by people who genuinely know the human body and want what’s best for you, but they are all incredibly great people! They strive to balance positivity and challenges in a way we all need to get our butts in shape. Don’t miss out!

Matt Siewart